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Specials & Menudo
Menudo (Tripe Soup)
This Column includes: Soda
Special Breakfast BurritoBean Tostada, 3 Rolled Tacos, Beef Taco
Burrito De LenguaCarne Asada Burrito, 3 Rolled Tacos
Chicken BurritoChicken Nuggets
Wet Burrito (Your Choice of Meat)Chile Rellenos 
Chile Verde Plate or Burrito  Family Value Special
 Fish Taco Plate
Pollo Asado5 Rolled Tacos
Sopes (Chicken & Carne Asada) 5 Mini Tacos
 5 Rolled Tacos Supreme
Quesadilla (any meat)12 Rolled Tacos
5 Rolled TacosQuesadilla & 3 Rolled Tacos
Super Fries Shrimp Burrito 
 Super Burrito
Breaded Shrimp Super Fries
Chicken Nuggets 8pc.Super Nachos
 Torta w/Fries
Cake (Assort.)
TWO TACOS (Beef, Chicken or Fish)
Flan (Assort. Flavors) Kids Meal
aMF Restaurants that have specials


Riverside  #7


Image of Shrimp Burrito & Soda Special
Oceanside #4


..including most other stores


Image of -fish-taco-plate & soda.jpg
..included in most stores


Image of 5 rolled tacos & soda special
Oceanside #4
Riverside  #3
San Bernardino #1

..including most other stores



Image of super fries & soda special
..included in most stores



Image of super nachos & soda special
..included in most stores


Image of Torta sandwich, fries & soda special
Riverside  #3
San Bernardino #3


Moreno Valley


Image of Asada burrito-3 rolled tacos & soda
..included in most stores


Image of quesadilla-3 rolled tacos & soda
..included in most stores


Image of Bean tostada-3 rolled tacos-beef taco & soda
Riverside  #4


Image of super-burrito & soda
..included in most stores


Image of 5 rolled tacos supreme & soda
..including most other stores



Image of wet cake dessert
Riverside  #7


Image of flan dessert 
Riverside  #7


Image of Kids Meal
Riverside  #5


Image of 5 Mini Tacos & Free Soda
Moreno Valley  #3
Riverside  #5


Chicken Nuggets

(w/Fries & Sm. Soda) 


San Bernardino #1





San Bernardino  #1  #3




w/ Rice & Beans


..included in most stores





..included in most stores



2 Chicken Tacos

w/ Soda


..included in most stores




Authentic Mexican Taste.
Alberto's Mexican Food - Eat some of the best Mexican food in California. Enjoy large portions.



Alberto's Mexican Food Restaurants features quality handmade Mexican cuisine. Each location serves a variety of burritos, enchiladas, tostadas, tacos, specials and more.
For early mornings try one of our many delicious breakfast burritos. and for evening meals try a meaty carne asada burritos or the chicken enchiladas w/salsa that will surly hit the spot.
They also have Mexican sandwiches called tortas. Their made with your choice beef, chicken, asada, carnitas and more.
You'll find dozens of other favorites from the extensive menu, for satisfying those late-night cravings.





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